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Our fee structure for standard services is set out below. At Visa Gateway we strive to deliver value, without compromising quality. We think you will find our fees are very competitive against others in the industry.

We also aim for transparency, so you understand the costs involved before you engage our services. Some services (such as couriers and interpreters) can vary considerably in cost. We are able provide a firm price for these services once we understand your specific requirements.

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Standard Consultation


  • Telephone, Skype or office consultation with a Registered Migration Agent and Qualified Education Agent Counsellor
  • Suitable for people considering their study options in Australia and seeking guidance
  • Follow up written confirmation of advice
  • Completion of a client engagement questionnaire prior to the consultation

Important Information:

  • There is no consultation fee for clients who have purchased our Visa or AAT Support Services if the consultation relates to the service purchased.
  • If after your initial consultation you decide to purchase our Visa or AAT Support Services, the price paid for the initial consultation will be deducted from the cost of the service purchased. So for example, the cost of a your Visa is reduced by $180 if you have already paid for a Standard Consultation.

Visas Packages

Standard inclusions - all Visas

  • Personal attendance to your matter by a Registered Migration Agent
  • Telephone, Skype or face to face consultations as required to prepare a decision ready application for your visa
  • Up to $75 in sundries (see sundries for additional information)
  • Preparation, lodgement and follow up of your visa application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Regular and timely updates on the status of your application
  • Deduction of the cost of your initial consultation!

Partner Visa

Student Visa

Graduate 485 Visa

Employer Sponsored Migration

General Skilled Migration

Child Migration

Visitor Visa

Bridging Visa

Other Visas

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Complex Application Surcharge

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Complex matters may incur a surcharge to offset the additional time required by our agents. Some examples of complex matters include where the one or more of the applicants:

  • has a criminal record or health concerns
  • has previously had a visa cancelled
  • is currently in Australia and does not hold a valid visa.

We will advise you after your initial consultation if we assess your case as complex and provide an estimate of the additional effort required.

Appeals and Review

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Support

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If your visa application is refused or cancelled you may be eligible to appeal the decision to the AAT.

If you are not sure if you are eligible to appeal or if you need advice on your prospects of success, you can book a consultation to discuss your situation with a Registered Migration Agent. The cost of this consultation will be deducted from our fee if you engage us to support you in the AAT.

Fees for our AAT Support Service vary considerably depending on the complexity of your matter. For an estimate of costs please contact us.

Our AAT Support Service includes:

  • Personal attendance to you matter by a Registered Migration Agent
  • Preparation and lodgement of your application with the AAT
  • Research of precedents and preparation of a submission to the Tribunal
  • Attendance and support at the tribunal hearing


Sundry items are photocopying, printing and document certification. Prices for our Visa and AAT Support services include up to $75 in sundries which is adequate for the majority of matters. If we think your matter will require more than this we will advise you prior to entering into an agreement.

Sundries above the included amount will be charged at the rates set out under Additional Services. If the sundries associated with preparing your application are less than the included amount the balance will be credited to your account.

Additional Services

Skill Assessment Lodgement

  • Supporting documentation readiness check
  • Preparation and lodgement of your application to the skills assessor for your profession

NAATI Certified Interpreter

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NAATI Certified Translation

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Document Certification

Per Document

  • Single document
  • Two to four documents
  • Five to ten documents
  • More than ten documents


Per Page

  • Black and white printing
  • Color printing


Per Page

  • Black and white photocopying
  • Color photocopying

Document Courier Services

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We use DHL for international document transport. Charges are passed through at cost for clients who have purchased Visa or AAT Support Services if the documents being transported relate to the service purchased. All other document shipping will incur a 10% surcharge on the DHL rate.

Other Third Party Services

Third party services arranged by us to support your application will incur a 10% surcharge on the invoiced amount. We provide full transparency and copies of invoices for all third party services.


  • All prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST (Goods and Services Tax). GST applies to professional and legal services provided in Australia
  • Prices are subject to change without notice

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