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If you have come here because you are feeling a little overwhelmed by Australia's migration system then consider this:

  • There are close to 150 different Australian visa types, each with its own criteria and requirements
  • The primary legislation that governs Australia's visa system is the Migration Act 1958, which runs to over 1,000 pages of complex legal jargon
  • The Act is supported by almost 1500 pages of Regulations, numerous Legislative Instruments and many thousands of pages of Policy documents
  • The Act, Regulations, Legislative Instruments and Policy have been amended many times over the years and continuously change to patch loopholes and reflect changes in Government policy and legal precedent's set by the courts.

Together, these documents, along with various related legislation and external artifacts such as the Skilled Occupations List, provide the framework which dictates the success or failure of your visa, sponsorship or review application. Somewhat daunting for sure.

Many people ask our advice on visa and migration matters. The first and best piece of advice we can give any applicant is to use a qualified professional to help prepare and lodge their application. Some people decide to prepare their own applications, relying on information sourced from friends and the Internet. And for some this approach is successful. Others however find themselves in difficulties. The Australian courts and tribunals are full of cases where applicants have sought review of adverse decisions that could easily have been avoided had they sought professional assitance.

Of course we would like you to use our services! But if you choose not to we still recommend you engage a Registered Migration Agent to assist you. In many cases migration is a zero sum game. What this means is that there is no middle ground; you either win or lose. And if you lose, Government policy is that except in very limited circumstances, you cannot get a refund of your application fee. With the application fee for partner visas as an example approaching $7,000, going it alone is a big risk. If you plan to work, study or live in Australia your visa is an investment in your future. Give it the priority it deserves.

Convinced? Contact us today to find out how we can assist you archive your migration dreams. We are here to help.

We support and are supported by the leading industry associations. Our Agents are registered by MARA, the Australian Government Migration Industry regulator.

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